Flight Support

Our 24/7 on-duty flight support team is expertly trained to assist with every aspect of your journey. From the initial contact to the final invoice, we are ready to provide any of the services necessary to make your travel experience incredible. 


International & Domestic Flight Support

Landing Permit│Overflight permit

Airport parking coordination

Slot coordination

Flight plan filing│Flight document service

Ferry │ Diplomatic flight Support

Crew & Passenger Handling

VIP escort and CIQ service

Hotel Booking & Transportation arrangement Catering


Ground Handling

Avjet Asia's ground handling services are unmatched in safety and efficiency, Our customers are top priority and it is our mission to provide the best services the industry has to offer.


Domestic & Int’l Flight Handling Service 

GPU, ASU, ACU, etc

Full Ramp Service (LAV, POT, Catering, Baggage)

Ramp Transportation

Aircraft Cleaning (Exterior, Interior)

Aircraft Refueling (JET A1)

Aircraft Towing and Pushback (Tow-barless)



We are committed to implementing the highest standards of safety in everything that we do. We conduct our operations and maintenance under a strict set of aviation safety guidelines for the purpose of safety assurance and safety promotion. We guarantee that you are in safe hands with Avjet Asia 

-Line maintenance​

-Maintenance services​

-Minor repairs

-Parts service

-AOG services​



You can create your own trip with us!​

Avjet Asia  provides perfect charter services  with out reliable partners all over the world.

Save your time and enjoy the travel with safety, privacy and security by our arrangement.

We will make your trip unforgettable, by taking you to any destination in the world.

We assure that we will find the right aircraft for your needs, wherever and whenever.

Charter service for :

-CEO, Board Members
-VVIP Clients
-Sports Team, Group Tourist etc